Ensuring higher, long-term productivity from your grass crop is vital for profitability. The Grassmanship™ programme is centred around protecting the most important asset, grass, to help improve overall grassland productivity.

Grassland Productivity

The yield from grassland leys decline over time. This is due to less productive “weed grasses” invading the sward, an increase in broadleaved weeds, flooding, poaching etc. The introduction of new improved grass species to these paddocks, through an on-going pasture renewal programme, markedly improves their productivity and consequently total farm productivity and profitability.

Double Dry Matter Yield

Reseeding can potentially almost double dry matter yields. The aim must be to produce at least 10 tonnes per hectare dry matter and to use at least 80% of it. When considering reseeding, look at the age of the sward and the percentage of sown species remaining. New varieties on average have been increasing yield by approximately 1% per annum. It is very important to get the basics correct when reseeding – soil structure, drainage, pH, phosphate and potash. Every 1 tonne per hectare of dry matter produced has the same energy as 1 tonne of barley (and the grass has a higher protein level).


Grassmanship™ is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production to give farmers more DM/Ha and Return on their investment.

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Targeting control of ragwort and other difficult weeds in established grassland

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Powerful broad-leaved weed control including thistles, buttercups and docks in newly sown leys

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Enhances growth and maximizes productivity utilising innovative biorational technology

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Grassland destruction with complete weed control for flexible re-seeding

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Selective herbicide for use post-emergence to control broad-leaved weeds in Cereals, Grassland, Lucerne, and Clover.

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For the control of a wide range of broad leaved weeds including charlock in wheat, barley and oats.

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A sulphonylurea herbicide for the control of docks and some annual broad leafed weeds in grassland.


Nufarm UK have launched Grassmanship™ to provide a flexible and new, integrated approach for better agronomic management of grass crops.