2,4-D + Glyphosate

Kyleo is the unique solution combining 2,4-D and glyphosate for total weed control. With a new state of the art surfactant to maximise control of grass weeds and broadleaved weeds.

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Why Use Kyleo?

  • Improved and faster control of docks, thistles, nettles and clovers.
  • Quicker and more effective than conventional tank mixture with a lower dose of glyphosate/Ha.
  • Rainfast in one hour and reliable indifficult conditions.
  • Tallow-amine free adjuvant technology.

Best Use

Annual grasses and broad-leaved weeds should have at least 5cm of leaf, or two expended true leaves, respectively. Treat either before grazing/mowing when growth is 30-60cm, not dense and lacking mature seeds, or re-growth after grazing/ mowing. Treat couch grass when it has formed three to four leaves and is actively growing. For grassland renewal treatment and re-sowing in July and August have proved effective.


Glyphosate and Adjuvant


Glyphosate and Adjuvant

Preparation for Reseeding

Getting a new ley established requires careful planning. Factors to consider are the length of time the pasture needs to be productive (short, medium or long term) and also its use, cutting, grazing, or a combination of the two. This will determine the species of grasses in the seed mix.

The nutrient status of the field should be established by testing a representative sample from the field to be reseeded. Destruction of the existing ley is critical as there will be perennial broadleaved weeds, including docks and thistles. Kyleo (glyphosate + 2,4-D) is quicker and is more effective on these key weed species.


Label Information

Maximum Application Rate:5 L/Ha
Maximum Total Dose:5 L/Ha
Time Of Application:Annual grasses and broadleaved weeds should have at least 5cm of leaf or two expanded true leaves
Min Interval Between Applications:n/a
Water Volumes:200 L
Replanting IntervalsDelay if PloughedDelay if Direct Drill
Grass7 Days28 Days
Grass + Clover14 Days28 Days


Grassmanship™ is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production to give farmers more DM/Ha and Return on their investment.

Nufarm Brand Logos-01

Targeting control of ragwort and other difficult weeds in established grassland

Nufarm Brand Logos-02

Powerful broad-leaved weed control including thistles, buttercups and docks in newly sown leys

Nufarm Brand Logos-03

Enhances growth and maximizes productivity utilising innovative biorational technology

Nufarm Brand Logos-06

Grassland destruction with complete weed control for flexible re-seeding

Nufarm Brand Logos-05

Selective herbicide for use post-emergence to control broad-leaved weeds in Cereals, Grassland, Lucerne, and Clover.

Nufarm Brand Logos-04

For the control of a wide range of broad leaved weeds including charlock in wheat, barley and oats.

Nufarm Brand Logos-07

A sulphonylurea herbicide for the control of docks and some annual broad leafed weeds in grassland.


Nufarm UK have launched Grassmanship™ to provide a flexible and new, integrated approach for better agronomic management of grass crops.


Clovers or other legumes present in the sward will be severely checked, but will eventually recover. Livestock must be kept out of treated areas for at least two weeks and until poisonous weed such as Ragwort have died and become unpalatable.