Thrust is a unique herbicide for the control of Docks, Thistles and Ragwort in established agricultural and amenity grassland. Thrust is formulated as a soluble concentrate and contains 344 g/l 2,4-D + 120 g/l dicamba.


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Why Use Thrust?

  • The top option for the control of Ragwort.
  • Flexible, robust product that can be used on established grassland.
  • The combination of the two actives give very effective control of the key grassland weeds.
  • A highly cost effective treatment which can be used to control perennial and annual broadleaved weeds and as part of a Ragwort eradication programme.

Best Use

Apply in a period of active growth before grass reaches 25cm high in the spring or up to 25cm after cutting. In dense crops, use a higher volume of water. Weeds yellowing, under stress or damaged will be less well controlled. Avoid grassland under stress especially drought, water logging, disease or insect attack. It is often better to treat young Ragwort in September before being frost hardened.

Further Advice on Ragwort Control

Ragwort must be no more advanced than the rosette stage. Ragwort is poisonous but also unpalatable to grazing animals. Once sprayed or mown it loses its bitter taste so it is very important animals are not returned tothe field until the plant has fully decayed orbecome unpalatable.

This may take many weeks. Surviving Ragwort should be dug up. EliminatingRagwort from a field may take several yearsas Ragwort seeds can germinate for many years.

Label Information

Maximum Application Rate:3.5 L/Ha
Maximum Total Dose:Grassland 3.5 L/Ha 7.0 L/Ha
Time Of Application:April to September
Min Interval Between Applications:Six weeks (amenity grassland)
Water Volumes:ractor mounted sprayer or quad bike mounted sprayer 100 - 400 L/Ha. For use in knapsack sprayer the minimum water volume is 200 L/Ha.


Grassmanship™ is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production to give farmers more DM/Ha and Return on their investment.

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Targeting control of ragwort and other difficult weeds in established grassland

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Powerful broad-leaved weed control including thistles, buttercups and docks in newly sown leys

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Enhances growth and maximizes productivity utilising innovative biorational technology

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Grassland destruction with complete weed control for flexible re-seeding

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Selective herbicide for use post-emergence to control broad-leaved weeds in Cereals, Grassland, Lucerne, and Clover.

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For the control of a wide range of broad leaved weeds including charlock in wheat, barley and oats.

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A sulphonylurea herbicide for the control of docks and some annual broad leafed weeds in grassland.


Nufarm UK have launched Grassmanship™ to provide a flexible and new, integrated approach for better agronomic management of grass crops.