Nufarm's Grassmanship™ programme is designed to take an active approach to supporting effective environmental stewardship and best practice guidelines.

Phenoxy herbicides are key tools in the control of grassland weeds. The level of a pesticide in drinking water should not exceed 0.1 parts per billion. These minute levels can be detected in water samples, so it is important to adopt effective Stewardship and observe the Best Practice Guidelines below.

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Use approved products, applied by trained operators with current qualifications
  • Spray when weather and soil conditions are suitable
  • Don’t spray if heavy rain is forecast
  • Don’t spray if there is a risk of drift
  • Fill AWAY from drains and water courses
  • Respect buffer zones and areas between water courses and treated area


Grassmanship™ is a programme featuring a portfolio of products that optimise grass production to give farmers more DM/Ha and Return on their investment.

Nufarm Brand Logos-05

Selective herbicide for use post-emergence to control broad-leaved weeds in Cereals, Grassland, Lucerne, and Clover.

Nufarm Brand Logos-04

For the control of a wide range of broad leaved weeds including charlock in wheat, barley and oats.

Nufarm Brand Logos-07

A sulphonylurea herbicide for the control of docks and some annual broad leafed weeds in grassland.

Nufarm Brand Logos-01

Targeting control of ragwort and other difficult weeds in established grassland

Nufarm Brand Logos-02

Powerful broad-leaved weed control including thistles, buttercups and docks in newly sown leys

Nufarm Brand Logos-03

Enhances growth and maximizes productivity utilising innovative biorational technology

Nufarm Brand Logos-06

Grassland destruction with complete weed control for flexible re-seeding


Nufarm UK have launched Grassmanship™ to provide a flexible and new, integrated approach for better agronomic management of grass crops.